Investing in Your Car

Technology has made great strides in making driving a safer activity and keeping passengers safe on the road. Exciting technological advances are unveiled each year and offer so many great features to drivers. offers extensive information on pretty much every make and model so that consumers can fully undersrtand their vehicles or be informed when buying. A few profound technological advances in recent years include mobile apps that cover many things from music to engine status and roadside assistance, technology that keeps teenage drivers safer behind the wheel, safety features like blind spot technology, backup cameras and adaptive cruise control, automatic braking and so much more.


Smart phones have changed the way drivers interact with their cars. Now, apps are at your fingertips that can manage any number of functions inside your vehicle or while you’re on the road. Connecting to music apps like Spotify, AppleMusic, Pandora and other streaming apps provide hours of uninterrupted music entertainment. Other apps can monitor your car’s performance and engine alerting you to any problems that might arise. Still other apps make navigation a breeze my locating your vehicle and giving you step-by-step directions to your destinations. The sky is the limit in terms of the relationship between your car and smart phone and there are so many apps available that can be a God send to drivers on the road.


Teenage drivers are one of the most vulnurable populations on the road especially with the constant pull of technology. Social media alerts, calls and texts from friends and other notifications can be seemingly endless and an ever present distraction in the car. Apps like Drive Smart, TrueMotion Family, At&T Drive Mode and others go a long way to silence distraction, report unsafe driving habits to parents and keep teen drivers safer on the road than ever before.